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"I feel restored to myself.  I am so grateful to Dr. Cohen. "

                                                           NH - Boulder, CO

about dr. cohen

Dr Cohen supports me in very important and meaningful ways. She treats me as an individual, not just another patient with MS. She respects who I am, what I want, what I can do. She is a great listener and deeply caring. At our first appointment we discussed a treatment approach together that honored my belief systems and goals. I did not want to take MS medication so we tried a number of other approaches: food allergy testing and dietary change, treating GI abnormalities and addressing sleep issues.  Everything we did helped to support my system. My health is certainly better which is only going to make the MS better.

The mental/emotional support Dr. Cohen provides makes a big difference. She’s warm, accessible, positive, and has a great sense of humor. Probably the biggest difference, however, is that now I believe that I don’t have to ‘become my MS’. It is a factor in my life but it is not what defines me. 

SB – Boulder, CO

I see Dr. Cohen for Parkinson’s. She is an excellent doctor. She’s very bright, highly educated in her field, answers all my questions and goes the extra mile to explain things in a way I can understand.  I like the fact that she combines western and alternative approaches so that I have someone knowledgeable in both worlds overseeing my treatment. Sleep, exercise, good quality food, emotional work and spiritual connection are the keys. Dr. Cohen does not promote a particular God or religion but she has helped me connect to a spiritual element that has become a very important and meaningful part of my life. That’s something I never expected in dealing with Parkinson’s. Dr. Cohen has an excellent network of professionals she refers to when the need arises. She works with these practitioners using a team approach to ensure good communication.

People I see at meetings all want to know how I was able to find someone with such an open, caring and holistic approach to care. What more could you ask for?

SW – Longmont, CO

I see Dr. Cohen for a seizure disorder. Our introductory meeting was very thorough.  She spent more time with me in that one visit than all of my prior neurology visits combined. That broke down barriers and established mutual trust.  Her office is a comfortable, warm and relaxing place. From that time on, seeing Dr. Cohen has been an empowering experience. 

The best news is that I don’t have seizures anymore. Even the stress and strain of losing both my parents did not trigger seizures! I think that’s the result of everything I have incorporated: dietary changes, exercise, improved mental state, medication, etc. It has been quite a journey for my wife and me. And that’s another thing: Dr Cohen considers the whole family, not just the patient.

I am seizure free, healthy and empowered because of the comprehensive nature of our work together. I greatly appreciate this opportunity.  

SB – Ft. Collins, CO

I had headaches all my life but then they got much worse. Dr. Cohen listened carefully to everything I told her and was concerned about the characteristics of the headaches. Because she is a medical doctor as well as a holistic practitioner, she suggested I get an MRI. It’s a good thing because they discovered a tumor on my pituitary gland – basically a brain tumor. I had surgery and the majority of the headaches went away. I still see Dr. Cohen for migraines. She has introduced me to a variety of modalities that have not just helped me feel better but have really changed my life. I am a million times better than when I first showed up at Dr. Cohen’s doorstep. And speaking of her doorstep, I want to mention how warm, welcoming and inviting her office is. She is the most caring doctor I have seen.  

MP – Arvada, CO

I have a closed head injury from two car accidents. Dr. Cohen was the fourth neurologist I saw. The key is her ability to listen and to diagnose what is going on. She has tremendous knowledge in Western medicine but also with natural approaches. She’s not against medicine but she complements it with natural things. It’s a very nice blend.

I experienced tremendous success once I started to see her such that I am ready to return to work. I am up in Longmont and she is down in Golden, yet I have no problem driving to see her.  Also, she does not bill insurance and I have no problem with that either. For the quality of the service she gives and the difference it makes, it’s worth it!

PP – Longmont, CO

I started seeing Dr. Cohen in 2005. My last seizure was in August 2006 which is the longest I have been seizure free. Medication is a part of that but so is sleep, supplements and learning to take steps to counteract the buildup of stress. I am also pretty good with my diet. We are still working on things and considering a slow wean of one of my medications.

Dr. Cohen listens and gives good advice. And I haven’t had a seizure for more than two years!

HC – Northampton, MA and Boulder, CO

I first saw Dr. Cohen about a year ago. I had concerns about chronic fatigue and my husband was worried about cognitive decline. Our first appointment was very thorough and encouraging. She asked a lot of questions, examined me and then summarized her impressions. We started by working on nutrition and then focused on weaning medication. The biggest change was a total shift in what I ate and my relationship to food. Not only has the fatigue and cognition improved but I have found a new life path. The benefits have also spilled over to the rest of my family

I feel restored to myself.  I am so grateful to Dr. Cohen.

NH – Boulder, CO

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